Read what customers have said about their own Custom Pet Portraits.

"My reaction to the painting was tears of joy! It was a portrait of my Nerdy-cat who was 23 years young when she died. Jim captured the very essence of my cat's personality. Having a Mad Lab Studio portrait is "The Bomb". I am one happy Mad Lab Studio portrait owner." -Mint Evans

"I ordered two portraits from Jim as Christmas gifts--and Wow!! I was unbelievably thrilled when I got the preliminary email--just a preview--I could hardly wait to see the "real" thing. And in no way was I disappointed. They were just perfect! What I found most impressive about Jim's paintings is the amazing likeness to the photos I gave him--he had a one dimensional (in my case, photocopied--not even the originals) shot of each dog and I swear he captured not just their physical likeness but their personalities as well! One dog is sweet but really sassy; the other a kind spirit, ready any minute to chase a ball---and you can see each one's personality so obviously on Jim's canvas. Considering Jim's talent, I think I got very fair prices. I've shown every dog owner who will hold still long enough to hear about Jim." -Terry O'Neal

"When I saw the portraits of our dogs, I cried. The portraits looked so much like them and yet maintained a beautiful painterly quality. My favorite aspect is probably the life in the eyes and the anthropomorphic qualities. The dogs look like they are about to bark at us or speak to us from the canvases. Every guest that we have in our home raves about how wonderful they are. We love them." -Roger Roe

"I had wanted to have portraits made of my "furry family" and after reading the article in the Indianapolis Star about Mad Lab Studio I contacted Jim to make a portrait of my precious Emily. Emily was a blue cream persian, who had recently passed away. I was so impressed with the pictures in the article and knew Jim would do a great job of showing Emily's spirit and "cattitude" . I wasn't disappointed! Jim did such a fantastic job and I was so thrilled I then had him do portraits of Oscar, my black persian and his sister Isabelle, a seal point himalayan. As with Emily's portrait, Jim did an outstanding job of capturing their loving personalities. I can't get over how closely the portraits resemble the pictures from which they were made. The detail is impressive all the way from Isabelle's colored points to Oscar's copper-colored eyes. Having these portraits made is money well spent as far as I am concerned. I love my kitties very much and I will treasure these portraits for the rest of my life." Amy McDonald



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