Custom Orders

Our order form is shown on the "Price List" page.


The prices are based on individual portraits. For multiple animals on one canvas, please add 50% of the portrait price.


With your completed order form please send several close-up photographs of your pet to work from. Indicate the photograph that best shows your pet’s personality. We need a good, clear photo of your pet’s face, eyes, and expression, since that is what we will be concentrating on. It is helpful to have additional 2-3 reference photos of the fur color and patterns. Any information you can give will help us create the best portrait. All photographs will be returned with your finished artwork. If you want to e-mail your photos, please send them as JPEGs.


Make checks payable to Mad Lab Studio. Do not send cash. Sorry we no longer accept credit cards. Please use a separate order form for each portrait. Send to the address provided along with the photographs and a 50% deposit. The balance is due upon completion of the portrait. The artist retains all rights to artwork created.


Delivery time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Please order early for holidays due to the increased demand. If shipping is necessary, net shipping charges will be added to the balance due. Postage will be invoiced via e-mail when portrait is shipped as postage rates vary.



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